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Another BN rent-seeking project is waiting for Malaysians

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YTL offered to build a KL-Singapore high speed railway at RM 7.8 billion in late 1990s and BN government rejected the offer. I discounts inflation rate and raises up the price tag to RM 15 billion by now.

BN government may inflate the project cost 2 times higher to RM30 billion, go compute how many billions are going to UMNO cronies.

KL-Singapore high-speed rail link for ‘under RM30bn’?

Reports in the media have suggested that plans for a multi-billion ringgit high-speed rail service from Singapore to KL are being resurrected.

Details are sketchy, but The Star reports that Land and Public Transport Commission (Spad) issued a tender for a study in December, and an announcement about the the appointment of a consultant is expected soon.

An Edge report indicates that Spad’s commercial feasibility study could be completed this month and cites sources saying the high-speed rail project could cost less than US$10bn (RM30bn). The entire feasibility study could be completed by the year-end.

Ordinarily I would be all for rail transport, but in this case, we haven’t even finished the double-tracking project from north to south.

Sure, a high-speed […]