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Nazri was spoken out the truth, only MCA and Gerakan are ball-LESS to leave BN

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How many more insults Koh wanted to get from UMNO? I pity you for always crying like a helpless baby, Dr. Koh! Stand up like a jantan, no more like eunuch as Penangites call you.

Actually MCA and Gerakan are not aggrieved women, they are more like running dogs for UMNO. They may get some free handouts when the boss is in good mood, and their assholes get polished when the boss is in bad mood.

Koh: Nazri’s disparaging remarks may damage relationship with Umno

PETALING JAYA: Gerakan president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon calls Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz a “loose cannon” whose disparaging remarks against other component parties may damage relationships.

“Just when we were getting ready and gaining ground, this loose cannon shot at our own line-up, our own army,” he said.

Dr Koh added that Nazri’s comments on MCA, MIC and Gerakan were against the Barisan team spirit and gave the impression that the coalition was not united.

He said Nazri’s comments were damaging to the relationship within Barisan as its members prepared for the Sarawak state election.

On whether Nazri’s remarks reinforced the perception that Umno was arrogant, […]