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KTM purchased China-made locomotives and coaches is repeating same mistake

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As reported in the Chinese Malaysiakini news portal, Malaysia is spending 1.9 billion to purchase six sets of locomotives and coaches from China.

Besides the issue of high price tag per unit of RM 50 million with 500 million over-budget, China-made trains are infamous for poor quality, reliability and maintenance issues. In the layman term, more frequent maintenance is needed and more downtime.

Meeting European safety standard is crucial, but there are other more important factors like maintainability and after sales service which are ignored by Transport Ministry.

KTM had suffered low availability or readiness for China-made Class 29 locomotives in the past.

Why Malaysia government is repeating same mistake?

Obviously, this is another direct negotiation a.k a. rent-seeking scandal under the name of NKRA.

29 Class locomotives purchased by KTM from China having maintenance issue.

The explanation from Ong Tee Keat, our ex-Transport Minister in his blog,

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