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PAS will win in Kuala Besut by-election?

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An insider told me UMNO won in Kuala Besut through threats and intimidations by the gangsters. More money will pour in and more violence will be seen in the by-election to ensure UMNO win again at whatever cost.

Hung state legislative assembly in Terengganu a possibility

by Peter Sibon, Posted on June 27, 2013, Thursday

KUCHING: There is a very high possibility of a hung state legislative assembly in Terengganu and even a change in the government if the BN fails to win in the upcoming by-election, warns a local political observer Dato Peter Minos.

He said the state could fall to the opposition even before the by-election if there were some ‘Judases’ who might want to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat as the state leadership was seemingly having some serious internal problems.

“BN has to shape up in Terengganu and it must win big in the upcoming by-election given the present razor-thin one-seat majority in its state legislative assembly. BN actually did quite well in the last general election in Terengganu and there is no reason it should not do well again,” Minos told The Borneo Post […]