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Tasik Cini is dying due to a dam and lost of forests

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Lake Chini in the olden day.

There is a hidden fact not reported in the NST.

The reserved forests in the buffer zone of Lake Chini were robbed and taken over by Felda and UMNO cronies for oil palm plantation and mining.

I first visited Lake Cini in 1986 during my Pan-Malaysia bicycle riding tour, the lotus plants with pink flowers were commonly found in the lake.

We lost in the jungle in the midst of heavy rain in the night during our journey to Lake Chini. Our luck was damn good, a Malay youth in a motorbike spotted us by chance. He was a student stayed in the same hostel with my friend and guided us to a not yet opened chalet. The guard allowed us to stay in the new chalet for free.

Another memorable event is I met a Malay young girl at the jetty to Lake Chini. She was about my age, she pointed to a 5 to 7 year boy and said the boy is her son during our conversation. My jaw dropped wide open! Actually she was married at the age of 13.

At 13, I […]