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A business proposal to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

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This is a serious and real business proposal.

I pay RM50 million (a fund from KL businessmen and developers) to Boustead as a compensation for its hotel downsizing in George Town on behalf of your Penang state government.

On top of that, RM10 million kickback is an option, you can take it or I donate it to any welfare organization at your call.

In return, you allow KL businessmen to reclaim 100 acre of land on the Pantai Jerjak coastal line as what you have offered to Boustead.

RM 250 million (RM 50 million compensation + RM 200 million land reclamation cost) investment will get my investors one billion ringgit worth of 100 acre prime land bank within a year and ten billions ringgit gross development value within 10 year for the new development project.

The ROI within a year is 400%. This is much much better than Ah Long loan sharp business, its annual ROI is only 100%.

Why not, any smart businessman will make the same offer like me? This is a business deal only can happen in the Bolehland.