Corruption & Cronyism >>>

Corruption deeps in the core...How a gaint barge can escape the authorities if no bribery?

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This is another case of how corrupt is corrupt the BN government? With this rate of smuggling, Singapore land bank will be doubled by 2020 with the sands from Johor?

The Star exposed this scandal mainly MCA hated Lee Kuan Yew and his son for jailing MCA ex-President, Tan Kun Swon, not because they are upholding the truth for rakyat.

RM1bil worth of sand lost

JOHOR BARU: The Johor Government has incurred heavy losses, believed to be in the region of RM1bil due to sand smuggling along Sungai Johor. The losses were incurred over a period of four years.

Starprobe was made to understand that an average of five barges that could load up to 4,000 tonnes of sand each headed towards Singapore daily.

Based on the current market price of RM48 per tonne, a sand contractor, who declined to be identified, said each barge was capable of ferrying sand worth RM190,200.

He said a total of RM960,000 was generated from a day’s sale based on the five barges.