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Visit Lang Tengah Island befor it's commercialized and polluted like Redang Island

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Why I say so?

Radang Island was featured in a Chinese movie at eleven years ago, and the island became an instant magnet and hit for Chinese tourists from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Redang’s sea water visibility could go as far as 200 feet in early 90s and was deemed as a best diving haven in the region before the island was exploited and commercialized for mass tourism.

Now Lang Tengah Island is featured in another love story movie [Love You You] produced by the same producer. I only fast forwarding the movie to have a glimpse on its rustic beach and pristine blue water. The scenery is wow!

Visit the Lang Tengah Island before it’s repeating the same fate of Redang Island when Vincent Tan may build another ugly concrete jetty or airport in the Island.