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Laptop reliability study: HP is the worst laptop

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Source: Squaretrade

I bought ACER laptop many years ago and blacklisted ACER brand for life after very bad experience with my ACER laptop. This study in 2010 shows ACER has never improved their product quality and reliability.

The results of a new study published this week reveal that while Apple’s laptops might fetch a price premium, that doesn’t necessarily equate to a more reliable system.

The study, carried out by SquareTrade and reported over at InfoWorld, reveals that while Apple’s range of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops are certainly reliable enough, they only make it to fourth place overall.

In the 30,000 laptops which were part of the study of failure rates requiring after-sales warranty service, Apple was beaten in reliability by Toshiba and Sony. Further, Asus managed to pip everyone to the post, coming in at the lowest failure rate of all – just 15.6 percent of Asus machines required warranty repairs over a three-year period.

Despite Apple’s relatively poor showing – at 17.4 percent over three years – it still managed to beat business staples including Dell, Lenovo, and Hewlett-Packard – with the latter managing an astoundingly bad 25.6 percent […]