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Very poor inspection by officials from the Health Ministry

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I was shocked when I climbed up to a “net covered” water retaining tank on the ceiling floor of the bathroom in the kampung house occupied alone by my mum at a new village. The net is found broken with small gap for mosquitoes to enter the water tank. There are at least thousand or several hundred larvae in the tank!

I made a quick decision to tear down the tank for the sake of health safety for my family members and villagers.

The fine on breeding larvae in my kampung house can be up to hundred of thousand if a larva is fined for RM10. I and my siblings who are owners for the house will be in deep trouble for breaking the law for an old house in new village.

Most shocking news is there was house to house inspection on mosquito larvae two days ago after many dengue patients found in the new village. My brother from outstation at the kampung house during the inspection told me that the health inspectors not even bother to enter the house and backyard during their inspection routine.

The effective dengue prevention campaign only […]