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Handheld laser pointer is still harmful

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A naughty boy in my hometown pointed a handheld laser beam on my right eye from about 20-30 meters distance, I still feel the side effect of seeing a small black spot after two decades later.

A direct hit will temporarily blind our eye for a few minutes even from 100 meters away.

A Weak Laser Beam Won’t Affect Vision, Says Optometrist

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 (Bernama) — A beam shone from far — from the stadium terraces to the playing field, for example — is weak and does not affect vision, an optometrist said on Monday.

This is especially so if a laser pointer is used, Dr Zahimi Chik said when commenting on an incident during the first-leg of the Malaysia-Indonesia final in the AFF-Suzuki Cup in Bukit Jalil Sunday night.

The match was stopped for five minutes after the Indonesian coach complained that Malaysian fans were dazzling his goalkeeper with a laser beam.