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MCA kowtows to Malay samseng, Perkasa and Pekida again

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What MCA Lawyer Ng Kian Nam did is writing a letter to ask for reduction of sound level. He may insensitive about the mosque was there before he moved in, but that is still within his democratic rights unlike some fanatics threw molotov cocktail to churches.

Offer apology and submit to threat of beheading and burning from the terrorist groups is like we let Osama bin Laden rules the world.

People still discontent in the heart although they keep silent for noise pollution caused by the prayers. High-handed tactic will not solve any sensitive issue.

Sound level from ALL religious including Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, etc. prayers and functions have to be regulated and controlled properly if Malaysia want to maintain a true harmonious society.

Everyone know all races in Malaysia are living in their own isolated community although they are living in the same physical area. This is called secondary interaction in the social science.

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