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BAM has to be reformed if we want to see another Lee Chong Wei

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BAM under current leadership is another FAM, they are hopeless and unprofessional stock. BAM has failed to retain good local and foreign coaches, they treat badminton like another NEP with Malay must be a chief coach.

A China mainland newspaper described Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei is like a whole nation against an individual.

Let the true professional to run BAM and say no to stupid politician, royal member and UMNO crony from occupy the hot seat.

Malaysian players have one common trait, they all are poor mental strength and no desire to win unlike Chinese and Korean counterparts.

I saw a lot of young talents in badminton, but their own attitude has made them second-class players forever.

I think I could be a good badminton player also if I got opportunity to be trained by professional coach during my early day. As a self-trained kampong player, I had beaten a district level player when I was 13.

A senior in my secondary school was a national player for a while. He was no good enough to challenge Misbun Sidek and chose to be a training partner for Misbun.

Ex-international […]