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What is so great with Lee Chong Wei until all Chinese newspapers carried his wedding matter like a national hero?

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He is not even a gold medalist in Olympics and he is also not the first Malaysian won the silver medal.

Set aside his pro-BN political stance which I can accept it as a part of democracy, but the overwhelming coverage in the Chinese newspapers is disproportion to his status as a national badminton player who is living under Lin Dan’s shadow.

I respect him as an excellent sportsman, but his media team is truly overkill in marketing for a private function which will spoil his good image as a sportsman.

Such opulent party is truly necessary when 95% Malaysia households are still earning less than RM3000 per month?

Or this is Malaysian Chinese way of gaining more cheap publicity with their private business?

> Namewee manipulated his private national anthem.

> Chua Soi Lek manipulated his private show.

> Alvin Tan manipulated his private part.

> Lee Chong Wei is manipulating his private wedding.