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A lesson for local girls who pray Mat Salleh like a God

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The girl wanted to seek revenge for a broken relationship with the Mat Salleh, but without consider legal consequences.

She lost the defamation case and was asked to pay RM 1,000,000 because of no money to hire lawyer. Instead of shutting up her mouth as ordered by the court, she continued to publish defamatory remarks in her Facebook.

She faced contempt of court charge and a jail term is awaiting for her. The lesson is the girl has to pay RM 1,000,000 to Mat Saleh who already got free fxxx with her.

A Chinese saying, a good dog will be bullied by the man. She is a good dog, her wrong barking hurts her more.

If you do not have monetary resources to fight someone in the court, go find alternative ways which may be legal or illegal.

Student cited for contempt of court over defamatory postings

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KUALA LUMPUR: The former girlfriend of a Canadian teacher has been cited for contempt after she disobeyed an order which prohibited her from posting defamatory remarks against him on the Internet.

High Court judicial commissioner Vazeer Alam Mydin Meera […]