Deforestation >>>

There is no poor timber quality jungle for wild animals

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Pahang BN bigots are so clever to come out “poor timber quality” excuse.

The jungle may has rare plant which can cure AIDS or Ebola.

A jungle from the natural selection is the best and high value jungle for the ecology.

Dept: Poor timber quality the reason for forest clearing

At least a third of Lesong’s forests have been deemed as poor in timber quality – the reason the Pahang government says it is allowing it to be logged before being replanted.

Pahang Forestry Department director Datuk Mohd Paiz Kamaruzaman said these poor quality forest areas would be converted to timber plantation sites.

“Part of the Lesong forest reserve is considered poor based on its standing volume composition (referring to how much wood in the trees can actually be sold).

“Hence, a decision was made by the Pahang state government to convert part of Lesong that is poor in standing volume composition into commercial timber plantations,” he told The Star via e-mail.