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BN government is flip-flopping again.

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With cheaper cost to hire foreign workers, local people are sidelined to job opportunities unless they also want to be treated like foreign workers with the pathetic salary.

What is BN’s ETP to reduce foreign worker number to less than a million by 2020?

The working class people are poor in money, but they are rich in the ballot paper.

All working class people must teach BN a hard lesson in the GE for kowtow to employers again and again.

Cabinet: Foreign workers to pay levy instead of employers with immediate effect By LEE YEN MUN

PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet decided on Wednesday that foreign workers should pay the levy instead of employers.

The decision is to be enforced with immediate effect on new foreign workers and those who wish to renew their work pass, employment pass or temporary work visit pass.

The move is to alleviate the hiring cost for employers, said Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah.

“The minimum wage, which came into force this year has raised the salary for all workers on an average of between 30% and 50%, or from RM600- RM700 per month to RM900 monthly.