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Rely on fengshui to run Penang government?

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Another silly reporting from the Star. LGE’s hairstyle is worth to be given such coverage?

What the rakyat care is whether he can deliver as promised or empty talker.

Guan Eng undoes the locks of trouble

BEFORE: Lim’s new-look seemed to coincide with a spate of bad luck.

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng attracted attention last October when he sported a lighter brown hairdo with bangs but the new-look seemed to coincide with a spate of bad luck for the DAP secretary-general.

So last week, Lim went back to his trademark Brylcreem-look and things seem to have improved for him.

During the new hairdo phase, Lim had to contend with continuous barbs over a failed car park (dubbed the Kancil car park) near Penang Hill and also found himself in the centre of DAP’s “godfather-warlord” spat, which pitted his deputy Dr P. Ramasamy against party chairman Karpal Singh.

AFTER: Things seem to have improved with his trademark Brylcreem-look.

It should be noted that Lim does appear to be having a good week since the return of the old look.

On Sunday, he welcomed former Umno veterans-turned-bloggers Datuk Mohd Sabri Ariff […]