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Lim Guan Eng is the most stupid CM in Penang's history

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A huge manufacturing project costing USD 3 billion will not appear in Penang overnight and the needs of 1000 E & E engineers will be in staggering basis.

Penang state government has at least two years grace period to drive an international talent recruitment campaign.

I will find 1000 E&E engineers for LGE if the company is willing to pay them 75% of Singapore-grade salary. Many Malaysians in overseas are happy to return home with this competitive salary scheme.

Instead of saying no, LGE should be more resourceful to help foreign investors. Many Malaysians are willing to help him if he is bold enough to take such challenge to make impossible to possible. This courage separates a great leader from a bunch of “politikus” in Bolehland.

What country in the Asia can promise you 1000 E &E engineers with at least three years experience on the spot? The answer is none.

LGE is a totally hopeless CM after he rejected 3 billion investment for no good reason.

Another daylight lie from his “machai”, did LGE bring in 10.2 billion in 2008? He was just installed as a CM in March 2008 and his […]