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Combining two eggs into a heart shaped egg is truly amazing

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This Taiwanese magician, Lie Chien was in the cover page in June 2011 edition of American Magic Magazine and was called the most famous magician in the world. He is the first Asian magician to be given such honor.

Watch how he combined two eggs into a heart shaped egg in the last part of this video clip. I really do not know how he did the magic.

I did see a Taoist priest presented a similar magic in Taiwan TV by combing two paper folded bars (in Chinese ancient gold bar shape) into a heart shaped single solid gold bar.

The individual paper bar was signed before the magic by two audiences and their signatures were engraved in the heart shaped gold bar.

The priest later explained he used Taoist super natural power “five ghosts movement” to perform the magic. Believe it or not what the priest claimed is up to you.

A genius with IQ 180 did tell me he can bend the metal spoon and open car door from a distance with his brain power. He did not show me the magic, but a third person told me she […]