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The inventor of this new breakthrough imaging technology, shoot first and then focus later is an ex-Malaysian, Dr. Ren Ng who emigrated to Australia when he was a child before he moved to America for his research works.

The camera is truly a fool-proof device where everyone can shoot still image and not worrying on out of focus problem as we are facing now with the current traditional camera.

This article explores the full potential of this technology.


Radical Camera : Pick What’s Blurry And What’s Not

South Asian News Agency (SANA) ⋅ March 2, 2012 ⋅

A Silicon Valley start-up called Lytro is shipping this week a camera that looks like no other and actually lets you focus or refocus your pictures on a computer after you take them.

Not only that, but the company is promising that pictures you take with the camera today will be able to be manipulated after the fact in additional ways in coming months. For instance, you’ll be able to snap into focus everything at once, regardless of depth. Or change the perspective from which the picture is seen, and switch a photo back […]