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Adobe hacked after LinkedIn

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Those has account with LinkedIn would see a spite of spamming mails for last few months because LinkedIn email server was hacked. Linkedin was not bother to encrypt users’ email addresses is truly an eye-opening on how suck is suck this US listed company.

At least one to five spamming mails purportedly from LinkedIt are coming into my mailbox each day. They are all phishing junk mails with virus infected link to corrupt your PC once you click and visit the infected website.

Adobe hacked, Yahoo may be next

A hacker broke into Adobe’s servers and posted the contents of its database online, a hacker-oriented news site reported.

The Hacker News said an Egyptian hacker, ViruS-HimA, claimed to have dumped the database containing more than 150,000 emails and hashed passwords.

Quoting the hacker, The Hacker News said the next target may be Internet pioneer Yahoo.

“ViruS_HimA desire(d) to demonstrate that despite Adobe (being) one of the most important compan(ies) in (the) IT landscape, it leaks of a proper security defense. For the same reason the hacker announced that next target will be Yahoo,” it said.

For its part, […]