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Loan sharks caught are all small fries

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The mastermind for Ah Long in Tangkak is 40-year plus old triad kingpin, not the 28-year old “machai”.

The big boss already migrated to Singapore and enjoy his good life over there. Singapore government is too happy to accept several hundred million ringgit of black money from his loan sharking bussiness.

How rich the Ah Long boss? Any stranger can get RM10 angpoh for paying homage to him during the Chinese New Year.

His “unit manager” in-charge of a state earned more than five million RM bonus each year plus his monthly salary.

Malaysian police and BN politicians are a component of loan shark business.

Johor police identify loan sharks

JOHOR BARU: The days of loan sharks in Johor are numbered as the police have identified several masterminds.

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the police had declared an all-out war against loan sharks and would not be contented in going after the “small” players.

“We have identified several masterminds behind these Ah Long syndicates. We will pick them up as soon as possible,” he told a press conference after a joint operation between the police and […]