Sabah Under Attack >>>

Correction, Sulu bandits not masquerading as local residents, they are Malaysians with blue ICs

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These Suluk bandits are given blue and red ICs by Mahathir is not a secret, thus calling them masquerading as local residents is entirely wrong.

I am worry that they may already penetrating the police and army long time ago.

Lahad Datu: Gunmen now masquerading as local residents

LAHAD DATU: The Sulu gunmen who escaped the army bombardment on Tuesday are now masquerading as local residents, said Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

He said the mopping up operations to flush out the intruders have been going smoothly but the four square kilometre area in Kg Tanduo has been widened due to the presence of enemy movement in certain areas.

“The operations went according to plan and until now, there is no casualty from the police or army,” he told a press conference.

Ismail urged the public, including the media, to stay off the cordoned off area as the operations are in progress.

He advised the residents not to panic and to also stay away from the areas.

On Tuesday, the police and army launched an offensive against the intruders in Kg Tanduo with aerial attacks followed by a ground assault.