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Logitech is another suck company you should avoid

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Bought a Logitech bluetooth mouse and the mouse is not working. Sent online inquiry to ask where is their customer service office in Malaysia.

Logitech is a Taiwanese company with its HQ in Hong Kong.

I put up their email for spammer indexing purpose,

NO reply after there weeks with several follow-up emails to them although they promise to reply within 48 hours.

I decide to send Logitech a nasty email everyday whenever I log in to my email to release my heat. See how long they can take on my attack. LOL

Latest update: They replied me on 02 September 2011 after three long weeks. By the time, I have no mood to troubleshoot the mouse any more.

I will bring their sales office in Malaysia to consumer tribunal court, otherwise they think Malaysian customer is another idiot.

I remembered I told a local travel company, that they will close shop in one or two years because of similar poor customer service. My prediction was proven true, wound up one year later.

Nokia is also showing poor customer service in recent years, they are facing a same fate, declining […]