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PR is not helping poor rakyat in four states under them

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The PKNS flat on the right in Kampung Baru is my first year hostel.

MB Selangor answered only 287 low cost houses built by Selangor PR government is an awakening call on how PR has screwed up poor rakyat.

Tony Pua should understand low cost houses already built [287 units] and still under planning and in progress [23,637 units] is two different stories.

Tony Pua, don’t try to spin like Nazri on RM 40 million black money for Sabah Chief Minister and naively to believe all Malaysians are hardcore DAP and UMNO supporters with no brain to analyze any issue.

The same pathetic answer was given by Lim Guan Eng in Penang by saying he has VISION to build 50,000 Singapore HDB grade affordable flats in Batu Kawan after BN had exposed not a single low cost house was planned and built by PR Penang government itself.

A low cost flat build planning and completion should not more than three years from my understanding on construction industry in Malaysia although getting all construction permits is very time consuming.

Please do not show voters that PR governments are only good on […]