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No wonder young people are talking rubbish on scientific argument

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My goodness, it’s less than 20 % [What is the actual figure? 5%? 10%] enrollment in the science stream nowadays. There was at least 50% students enrolled into science stream in my olden days.

How to achieve developed nation status by 2020 with such a low percentage of students studying science and engineering courses?

No wonder I found I liked talking to “lembu” in Lynas issue with the Green Perkasa.

Now I realize the root cause of the problem. 🙁

The decline of quality


Politicians have been busy confronting with each other and all they care now is just votes. I believe that they have neglected the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) results.

According to the study, Malaysia had encountered the greatest drop among the 59 countries in 2011. Averagely, Malaysian students scored 474 points in mathematics in 2007 but 440 points in 2011, falling from the ranking of 26th to 20th. As for science, Malaysian students scored 471 in 2007 and 426 in 2011, falling from 21st to 32nd.

Although the scores and rankings attract more attention, I am more concerned about […]