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Local universities produces mass workers for elite groups

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BN government screws up the quality of local universities with the goal of churning out large quantity of low academic standard graduates with poor communication skill in English. This group is from have-not poor rakyat like me.

All ministers, royal families, high ranking government officials and other elite groups send their children to overseas prestiges universities and colleges for receiving a world-class quality tertiary education. With the right networking and connection of their parents and coupled with shinning foreign certificates, these overseas graduates are most likely holding managerial and decision making posts in the public and private companies.

The offspring from poor and have-not rakyat will always in the worker group to serve elite groups.

So, you shall understand why low quality local graduates are good for UMNO and Malaysia elite groups. They are borne to serve their masters with peanut salaries and unconsciously believe they are successful middle-class group.

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