Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

Repost :: Prominent Kuantan Doctor Rubbishes Concerns Over Lynas' Radioactivity

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No replies in Malaysiakini’s comment column because I had terminated my MKini subscription some time ago.

The ring is here, not elsewhere. Of course anti-Lynas Malaysians are free to spread lies in other places and hope no reply from Dr. Looi for them to make claim that Dr. Looi is too afraid to answer their questions raised in every news portal, blog and forum in the internet. 🙂

This is a serious subject, I may delete those nonsense and absurd comments from anonymous, but promise NEVER delete a single comment from anyone with his/her identity verified like dare to show his name card or disclose his real name and working place to public.

Also promise NEVER share your IP, email address and any electronic trait with Lynas, police and any parties.

Actually I’m too sick to defend Lynas and BN government for free, but feel more sicken whenever I see anti-Lynas NGOs are spreading lies and myths with all sorts of twist and turn to bring down Lynas.

“If you cannot attack his or her viewpoints, then attack the person”. This saying was online since 1998 in soc.cul.malaysia forum. […]