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Potassium-40 in banana is more radioactive than Lynas rare earth by-product

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These are scientific radioactive facts purposely ignored by anti-Lynas group.

Fact 1: Lynas radioactive residue contain a very low level of radiation at 6 Bq/G. Fact 2: Banana with natural potassium level of radiation is about 31 Bq/g. [15 Bq for a banana or 0.2Bq/G]

G is for the weight of substance in gram, g is for the weight for natural radioactive material in gram. [Revised on 5/3/2012, 7.11PM.]

I eats radioactive bananas every week, so what?

Actually, we adult human body contains 250g of potassium and 0.012% is the radioactive beta emitter potassium-40 (half-life 1.3 x 109 yr). Therefore, the activity of potassium-40 in the body is 7600 Bq. Its radioactivity is 500 times stronger than a banana and equivalent to 1.3 Kg Water Leach Purification (WLP) residue from Lynas.

Should we commit suicide for having a small quantity of radioactive substance in our body?

Mind you, Potassium-40 is 62 times more radioactive than Thorium-232. Beta particle in Potassium-40 is more energized than alpha particle from Thorium-232 and it can penetrate through our skin.

Unless you are living in the wooden house, the cements used in your house also has the […]