Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

Stupidity at the higher level

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Australians protested because they lost the investment and job opportunity to Malaysians.

While these so-called anti-Lynas Malaysians are like Chinese red guard army with aimless direction on why they protested.

Fear of radiation pollution from Thorium is truly a Malaysia joke.

The cement used in their homes is more radioactive than rare-earth and its by-products. When anti-Lynas idiots can destroy their homes and choose to stay in the wooden home. But again, green environmentalists will protest using more woods to build their safe homes.

Camping is the best option for anti-Lynas heros and heroins since they like camping.

They have to ride on Bersih 3.0 demo to make them appear being supported by many Malaysians. They have no shame to use All Malaysians against Lynas which in fact only a few brainless people shouting like headless flies.

I have received spamming emails maligning PR, LGE and Anwar from Lynas who think I am supporting them.

Go fxxx off Lynas! I am neutral on this Lynas issue! JULY 14 simultaneous STOP LYNAS rallies in Malaysia & Australia

Written by Maria Begum, Malaysia Chronicle

Activists campaigning to stop Australian rare earth […]