Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

How to read Lynas radioactive monitor?

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1 mSv/Hour = 1,000,000 nSv/Hour

The IAEA acceptable safety limit [on top of natural background radioactive] for radioactive exposure for public members is 1 mSv per year or 1,000,000 nSV per year.

Lynas’s radioactive counter is ranging from 100 to 200 nSv/Hour, these doses are natural background radioactive in Gebeng regardless there is Lynas rare earth plant or not.

I agree the counter reading in Gebeng is meaningless to laymen.

The correct way is to display a red line reading beside the actual reading. There should be an average reading for Gebeng after 10 months of monitoring. Let assume the number is 150 nSv/h. [Lynas can provide actual figure]

The red line reading is 150+114= 264 nSv/h

Only one place where you can shied off radioactive, that is in the COFFIN. Only dead man is safe from the background radioactive radiation.