Lynas Issue by Dr. HW Looi >>>

My stand on Lynas, I support it if ....

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Lynas rare earth processing plant in Gebeng Kuantan is being sensationalized by opposition political parties and NGOs.

I did not say support or against the Lynas Plant in the past, it’s time to express my stand loud and clear now.

I support Lynas rare earth plant with conditions as stated below,

1. An independent expert panel to monitor and audit the operation and waste managament.

This requirement is to ensure Lynas Management conforms to international safety standards since our people have no confidence against BN government after the Bukit Merah scandal.

2. The plant is not located in my new village. (The same reason I used against furniture factories in my new village)

What is Thorium-232? The early experimental nuclear reactor also using thorium as its fuel. The technology was abandoned because US military’s main goal was developing nuclear bombs through uranium enrichment in the reactors. Thorium is a safe radioactive material provided you do not inhale or eat it.

Thorium will be the future nuclear fuel. The waste will be a black gold in future if we can ensure proper waste storage.

Is Thorium-232 Hazardous?

The main pathways of exposure are […]