Scam >>>

RM83 million is just from reported cases for Macau scam

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Those people cheated by scams are not totally uneducated idiots, many of them are white color workers like engineer, lawyer, teacher, etc.

I always remind my old mum that do not ever believe any story from the phone calls from anyone.

I have received several calls from Macau scammers and not hesitate to scold them with the dirtiest words come across in my mind. I did reply to a girl from the scam, “I want to rape you.”

There are more unreported cases for every single case reported to police. Let say the ratio is 5 to 1, thus the money lost to Macam scammers is more than 350 million in the past three years.

In addition to African and other phone and internet scams, Malaysians lost a billion RM to scammers in the past three years is not an underestimated statement.

Macau scams: Victims report RM83mil in losses

by farik zolkepli

PETALING JAYA: More than RM83mil in losses have been reported in the past three years by victims of phone scams, also known as Macau scams.

Despite advice and repeated warnings from the police, people are still being duped by syndicates which […]