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Stiffer punishment for demolishing heritage buildings

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No developer will care and bother with RM500 or RM250,000 fine for demolishing historic building with heritage value.

There are many historic buildings identified as heritage assets by local governments being demolished for development projects. Majestic Theatre in Ipoh is just the latest example for such illegal demolishment.

I strongly to suggest National Heritage and Local Housing Laws are amended for local government to confiscate the land and cancel the developer’s license mandatorily for demolishing any heritage buildings on the said land. Fine is no longer a deterrent to stop owners and developers to destroy our national heritage regardless of law.

The core issue is many developers are also cronies for the BN government.

Uproar over Majestic Theatre demolition


GONE: Locals upset that landmark was torn down despite its heritage value

IPOH: FOR a city so proud of its old-world charm, the recent tearing down of the Majestic Theatre in Jalan Chamberlain was nothing short of sacrilege.

For many locals, the art-deco building which had stood since the 1930s was an iconic landmark in their hometown.

Its facade had evoked fond memories of watching popular Chinese martial arts […]