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Melaka world heritage status under threat

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The new 22-storey new building may inside the buffer zone based on this plan submitted to Unesco. There is building height limit of 18 meters for any new building in the buffer zone.

Melaka and Penang can say goodbye to their world heritage status if Melaka government allows the project to proceed.

Chittys’ last refuge under threat

by m. veera pandiyan

Swift action is needed to protect and conserve the sole bastion of one of the country’s smallest communities.

HAPPY New Year! Will it be a better one? Malaysians polled by the World Independent Network of Market Research (WiN) and Gallup International seem to think so.

About 41% of respondents felt that 2014 would be better than last year while 28% reckoned it would be the same.

On the negative side, 29% expected it to be worse while 2% didn’t know or chose not to answer.

The WiN/Gallup poll, published on Monday in collaboration with the BBC’s Today programme, surveyed the hopes and fears of people from 65 countries around the world.

Apparently, about half were more upbeat about 2014 than they were for 2013.

I can’t speak for the rest of […]