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Mob from UMNO Youth assaulted Karpal Singh

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DAP chairman and Bukit Gelugor Karpal Singh was confronted by a group of Selangor Pemuda Umno members at the Parliament tower block this afternoon.

The shouting session culminated in a scuffle with the Segambut member Lim Lip Eng having his shirt tugged.

The group had been waiting at the parliament tower for Karpal and as soon as he arrived they surrounded him and started heckling him over his warning to Pemuda Umno yesterday.

He accused Umno Youth of having sent him two bullets while debating the Royal Address.

“Where did the celaka Pemuda Umno fellows get the bullets?” he had asked while pronouncing himself not afraid. This afternoon, Karpal’s aide finding his boss surrounded immediately summoned help and several DAP members came to the rescue.

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Pemuda UMNO not only have bullets, they got C4, M16 etc. in the Pekida private arsenal ready to be deployed at anytime especially IF BN is losing power to PR.