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Malay must be Muslim? Not in Indonesia and Philippines

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Under Malaysia constitution only, Malay is defined as a person embraces Islam, speaks Malay and practices Malay customs.

Legally speaking, a Malay can denounce Islam if he/she chooses to be a non-Malay because race is not mentioned in Article 160. Maybe he/she can still keep the special rights as a non-Muslim pribumi in East Malaysia.

In my opinion, Lina’s case was rejected by UMNO’s supreme court on political reason, not because of legal reason.

The biggest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia allows its Muslims to convert to any religion they wanted provided his/her life partner is with same religion.

Do you see Muslim population percentage in Indonesia decreasing under the open and free religion policy?

The answer is NO.

Indonesia is earning more respects from the world on its freedom in religion who do not need the legal protection to keep a religion afloat.

Nurul: I never condoned apostasy G Vinod | November 5, 2012

The PKR vice president says that a Muslim must adhere to the syariah code, similar to the rule that Malaysians must adhere to the provisions of the Federal Constitution.