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Most racist remarks in KFC beating customer youtube are from Malays

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Do I need to tell you the attitude of this KFC worker?

This is not unexpected outcome because many Malays are brainwashed to be racists by Pekida, Perkasa and UMNO in the past 54 year.

They can make all sort of wild allegations like Danny NG provoked KFC Malay workers with a racist remark, yet not a single evidence is produced by these Malay racists.

I have to congratulate UMNO and Perkasa for churned out a huge number of Malay fanatics.

Police Deputy Head Khalid said the punch was harmless to Danny Ng, therefore there is no case, can be settled themselves.

This is another Malaysia Boleh! Our taxpayer’s money is wasted for having Khalid in the police force.

Accordingly to police, the video uploaded in cannot be used as evidence in the court. Then how on earth Lingam video could be used in the royal tribunal.

Police investigation is very smelly and unprofessional.