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Malaysian Chinese are Malay descendants?

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Most people will say I am a bullshitter or attention seeker nut if I say Malaysian Chinese are actually Malay descendants. Both Malay and Chinese supremacy extremists will condemn me to hell.

The DNA tests on Chinese population in the China mainland by a group of Chinese scientists revealed the DNA variations for Chinese in the North and South of Yangzi River are too big to be classified as one race.

The Chinese in the north are Mongolian type like Korean and Japanese while Chinese in the south are Malay type like Thai, Vietnam, Cambodian and Filipino

This research finding is not widely circulated and published because Chinese government wanted them to remain as a single Han race. Feel free to email me to request for a Chinese language CCTV documentary video about this finding.

I can guess with fairly accurate a Mainland Chinese is from the North or South China from their face features.

Since the majority of Malaysia Chinese is from Fujian and Guangdong in the south, they are mostly Malay type Chinese unless their ancestors are migrants from the north.

My ancestors were from the Middle Plain at the […]