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A future Malaysia constitution: Malays must support UMNO

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DPM Muhyiddin may think of mooting constitution amendment to make Malays are Muslims, Bumi and Voters for UMNO.

Tengku was short-sighted for not including this clause in the constitution, Malays are compulsory voters for UMNO in the general election.

DPM lashes out at Malays who criticise govt policies

BATU PAHAT: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has lashed out at a small section of the Malays for always questioning government policies, particularly those aimed at developing the Malays.

These groups, he said, had not only been questioning the efforts to enhance the economic well-being of the Malays but also the position of the Malay Rulers and Malay as the national language.

Muhyiddin said these groups supported the opposition, particularly the DAP.

“The DAP labelled me an ‘ultra Malay’ for fighting for the interest of the Malays when in fact, it is Lim Kit Siang (DAP adviser) who is more racist,” he said when opening the Parit Sulong Umno division meeting here yesterday.