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Malaysia is punched left and right by another friend, Bangdalesh

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Why other countries and World Bank have no interested to invest in Bangladesh?

The answer is Bangdalesh is a super corrupt nation like Malaysia.

Do you expect to see two devils making love? Both devils only interested to make quick money via corruption and bribery.

Is Malaysia Facing A Raw Deal In Bangladesh?

By M.Saraswathi

NEW DELHI, Sept 27 (Bernama) — After months of negotiations and investing in consultancy fees and feasibility studies over Bangladesh’s controversial Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB), Malaysia may potentially face a raw deal or be at a losing end over the project.

Malaysia got connected with the US$2.9 billion project when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina decided to offer it to Kuala Lumpur almost a year ago after the World Bank scrapped its financing offer.

But, news of the latest thinking of the government in Dhaka surfaced in the Financial Express of Bangladesh a few days ago, which quoted sources as saying that “though the (Bangladeshi) government has invited the Malaysian government to invest in the country’s priority project in January, it, however, put the World Bank’s return to the project as its first choice.”