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A murder case in my new village. I doubt crime index tells the real story!

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No murder case in my new village for past 20 year until this year where a 60-old man was beaten to death by four Malay [may be Indonesians) suspects when he was jogging at the new village in the early morning.

I lodged a police report when some clothings hanging outside my village’s house were stolen in order to make crime index higher. The Vietnamese workers staying nearby are main culprit because someone spotted they walked suspiciously at the back alley.

My neighbor refused to make police report for such a petty case.

Cause 1: 10% drop could be due to statistical fluctuation within the control limit, such up and down movement is meaningless in statistics.

Cause 2: People are reluctant to make police report may be another possible cause for lower reported crime case.

I tend to believe cause number one is the reason the crime index dropped by 10%.

I found out later that Ex-IGP, Musa Hasan was consented with my observation. 🙂

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