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Bolehland needs more crime cases against BN politicians to awake them that Malaysia is a real crime nation

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I sympathize these politicians who were robbed, but only hands-on experience can awake them that crime in Malaysia is already out of control.

With the crime ever rising trend, every house needs to hire a foreign security guard.

Malaysia will take over South Africa as the most women raped per capita under the corrupt BN government and police force by 2020.

1/3 of women in South Africa are raped in their life time if you do not know how bad is bad the crime situation in South Africa.

Melaka exco member’s house broken into

MELAKA, July 26 (Bernama) — Melaka State Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee Chairman Datuk Latiff Tamby Chik suffered losses amounting to about RM200,000 when three robbers broke into his house at Jalan Datuk Palembang, Bukit Baru here on Tuesday.

Melaka CID Chief ACP Raja Shahrom Raja Abdullah said during the 11.45pm incident, the Teluk Mas state assemblyman was at a nearby mosque for the Terawih prayers while his wife in a neighbour’s house.

Raja Shahrom said the three robbers, aged between 20 and 30, came in a luxury car which had false registration numbers and parked it in […]