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Why Indian gangsterism is worsening?

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More and more Indian youths are involved in street fighting and crime activities.

I was robbed by an Indian gang, and this was only robbery crime I experienced in the past. The perception is at least a half of street fighting and violent crime reported in the newspapers involve Indians. Police statistics has confirmed 50% of local criminals are Malaysian Indians.

My quick analysis says the poverty, lack of education and job opportunity for Indians are main reasons behind this social ill.

When you have nothing to keep, you will not losing anything to destroy your own society and nation. This is happening now in the Indian society.

In worst case, when you are pushed to a dead wall, you will take up arms to fight back for survival.

Sri Lanka is a living textbook for Malaysian policy makers either from BN or PR to learn. Malaysia and Sri Lanka political landscape is like a twin except the players are different.

Majority with political and military power: Malaysia – Malay Muslim; Sir Lanka – Sinhalese Buddhist.

Minority: Malaysia – Chinese and Tamil; Sri Lanka – Tamil Hindu and Tamil Muslim.