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Female become drug mule for a simple stupid reason - for love.

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This kind of story is repeating itself until the end of the world. Man controls by his little brother for lust while girl controls by her little brain for love.

No such rational thinking and decisions exist for 99% of girls, emotional decisions always prevail.

I still cannot understand why these girls can fall in love with these Negros from Nigeria and South Africa. My theory is no local male interested on them, and they have to find black men as alternatives or may be due to Obama spilling effect.

I saw another news yesterday about a brilliant Chinese girl was executed for drug trafficking offence in Mainland. Same story like this Iban girl, she was tricked to be drug mule by an Arabian for love reason.

Anyway, let face the firing squad if she was caught trafficking heroin into China. China authorities has sentenced it own citizens to dead sentence for same offence, unlikely they give “bumi privilege” to this Iban girl.

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