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Another concrete proof to say Malaysia education is junk

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Muhiddyin was proudly to announce more students score As in the public examinations, an indicator that our education standard is better than USA.

I do not know you believe it or not, but I believe our BN government in saying Malaysia education system is a world-class standard. 🙂

Malaysian 14-year-olds performed worse than their counterparts in Israel who chalked up 516 points, Lithuania (502) and Lebanon (449), but beat neighbouring Thailand, which scored 427 points on tests by a narrow margin.

There is a consolation price, Malaysian students are still performed better than a war-torn nation, Palestine.

What do you expect from a nation like Malaysia not supported by America?

Actually you do not need to see any international benchmark study to know the standard in mathematics and science for Malaysians.

The theories and interpretations on radioactive thorium by Green Perkasa are really eye-opening to me. There was not a single valid scientific point presented by Green Perkasa.

They either twist and turn the issue to misled the rakyat or they are truly blurred when come to math and science.

I believe they do not know what they are talking about […]