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Malaysia is on fire sale to foreign countries by UMNO-led BN

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This is a series of Malaysia on fire sale events by UMNO-led government in the past.

1. 3 sen per 1000 gallons raw water export to Singapore @ By PM Tunku Abdul Rahman

2. Malaysia voluntarily to surrender KTM 999-year freehold land in Singapore to Singapore government @ By Daim under PM Mahathir.

3. Lost the Batu Puteh to Singapore in the ICJ @ By Abdul Hamid and Rais Yatim under PM Ahmad Badawi.

4. Handed over oil reserves worth about USD100 billion in Sabah water to Brunei secretly @ By PM Ahmad Badawi.

5. Allow foreigners free access to IDR like a no-man zone @ By PM Ahmad Badawi and PM Najib.

6. KTM land swap with Singapore @ By PM Najib.

None of these deals were approved by the parliament and benefiting Malaysians except to Singapore and Brunei.

What else in the fire sale waiting list?

Sell Johor land to Singapore through more sands smuggling?

Hand over Pulau Layang-layang to China in exchange of Proton cars export to China?

Hand over Penang Island reclaimed lands to local and foreign developers for a peanut?

Hand over local job markets to Bangladesh, Indonesia, […]