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My fellow Malaysian, do you know how much your national debts?

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This below statement I pluck from Bank Negara website. (

In monetary statistics published by Bank Negara Malaysia, currency and deposits by non-residents with banks is classified as part of external liability of the banking system, and not external debt. With effect from 30 September 2003, the IMF SDDS has now classified currency and deposits by non-residents (for all maturities) as external debt. External debt for Malaysia, incorporating this new component, would amount to RM 260.93 billion (USD73.26 billion) as at end June 2009. Excluding currency and deposits of non-residents, total external debt amounted to RM233.30 billion (USD65.50 billion).

Through my quick computation, every single Malaysian owes foreign countries and institutions for RM 8973.

My close family in Malaysia still has 8 members, meaning my family’s foreign debt is amounted to RM 71,784.

Wait a minute, how much total debt inclusive both foreign and domestic debt owes by each Malaysian (excluding our private borrowing)?

The whooping number is RM 12912 per person !! In absolute figure, Malaysia national debt is RM 335,717,000,000 OR RM 335.717 billion.

Are we able to repay our national debt and be debt-free as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore […]