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Malaysia's future is bleak...WHY?

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Malaysia under BN having several baggages unseen in other countries.

1. Rampant and widespread corruption

Bolehland is famous for its one stop corruption house from the top to bottom. The jaws on the top will using rent-seeking and contract kickbacks to ransack billions from the nation’s coffers while the fries on the bottom will using extortion and bribery to steal money from the rakyat’s pockets.

PEMANDU estimated RM10 billion lost to corruption each year is very under estimated.

The GFI estimated outflow illicit funds in 2009 is US$ 21.47 billion or RM 65.333 billion. For 2000 to 2009, the average illicit outflow black money is RM 48 billion each year.

Set aside a few OPEC oil exporting countries in Middle East and other continents, Malaysia is the number one corrupt nation in the world, followed by Russia.

2. Over-staff bloated pubic services

Malaysia with 1.3 million public servants is going to drain out scarce resources to salary and pension payments, the funds leftover for development is minimum. The public servant to population is the highest in the world. Another boleh record!

Malaysia: 4.5% Thailand: 2.06% Indonesia: 1.79% Singapore: 1.47% South Korea: 1.85%